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Add a slideshow function to the core Joomla banner manager with a mod_banners template and plugin custom fields. Once installed, new fields are added to the Banner component and the associated module to allow specific configurations. The default module behavior still exists.

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When assigning the module, just choose the CMSE template from the Layout field. The Banner Slide Height parameter will enable the slideshow when a value is added. When the field is empty, the default module behavior is delivered.

banner slide template



Along with the module templates is a new field that provides an option to set the window open method per banner. The default method is set by the module, but that is applied to all the banners it displays, and that is not flexibility.

banner manager window option

Module Setting
Uses the default behavior of the module

Opens the banner link in the parent browser window

New Window
Opens the banner link in a new browser window and the parent stays open

Popup Window
Opens the banner link in a fixed width and height pop window


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