CMSE Open Graph Data Output In Articles

    The Open Graph shortcode will display content similarly as Facebook and Twitter does when a URL is shared. Simply insert any URL and the function will scrape the open graph data image, title, description and site_name from the <meta property="og:image" /> tags of the source page.

    The method

      [ ogurl=""] 

    Use the CMSE shortcode insert to place and Open Graph source in any component or module.


    the Guardian

    Revealed: the truth about Cressida Dick’s cannabis problem

    The Metropolitan police commissioner says she can’t smell dope, and never has been able to. We ask an expert if that’s possible


    Najib Razak Wants You to Know He’s Hip With the Kids and Has Street Cred

    Malaysia’s former leader Najib Razak faces years in prison over one of the world’s largest corruption scandals, but that isn’t stopping him from trying to get more likes on Facebook before his trial begins.

    This is the thing that will happen if that other thing happens whren they say it will happen


    Donald Trump Criticizes Rep. Ilhan Omar For Tweets: 'She Should Be Ashamed'

    The Democratic congresswoman apologized for tweets critical of pro-Israel lobbying efforts after lawmakers decried them as anti-Semitic.


    about walter

    Demonstration of the content blocking shortcode to restrict parts of page content to registered users only.

    Please login to view this blocked content


    he is in the shit now


    the world is green

    sometimes its like that


    it can always be dat

    PayPal Cart Shortcode

    • The Big Coop

      Some coops are just bigger and better

      Price: $500

    facebook page shortcode

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    twitter shortcode page

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    Article Insert With Shortcode

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    The Senate Intelligence committee investigating ...
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    Countdown Shortcode

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    Mosets Tree

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