Maximize Joomla's Articles With Custom Fields

This page demonstrates all the features of the plugin and shows how a single article can be overloaded with relative content to keep a viewer locked in.

With this CMSE Custom Fields plugin, a Joomla website owner will be able to easily optimize and maximize each article page without moving back and forth between components to prepare content. Insert captivating and relative multi-media objects on-the-fly to keep your viewers hooked.

Easily insert Video playlist, Audio playlist, Poll, Google map, Chat room, PayPal cart, Social media feed, while posting an article. Reduce extension clutter and dependency on many third party applications. Stay as close to the core system as possible.

The plugin will add a tab labeled CMSE Fields to the article tab set, and insert custom an article template override file into the default front end template. The file has a custom name cmse.php so it will not overwrite any existing files.

Minimum Requirement:

Joomla 3.6.x | PHP 5.4.x

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The following are all the CMSE custom fields at work. All elements are screen width responsive.


Video Player Custom Field

If one video on a page is exciting, just imagine what 20 related videos will do!

Video content is quite entertaining and viewer retentive and best of all, they are available for free sharing and number in the bazillions! Insert a single video or multiple videos to create a relative and captivating playlist that could keep your visitors at the page for hours. Create the playlist simply by adding the URLs from multiple video sources, including: Youtube, Vimeo, Vevo, DailyMotion, Facebook, PornHub, xHamster and many more. Video thumbnails and titles are automatically sourced from some services.


The video player is inserted directly into the text area by using the shortcode [ videoplayer/ ] The global configuration allows placement of the player above or below the content with the global shortcode [ videoplayer ], no ending forward slash. Easily create a playlist by adding more fields. Multiple themes are included and changed with a click, and you can create your own themes and add to the selection.



Audio Player Custom Field

The audio player can be a playlist or single player. When a single audio URL is detected, the player is fixed to the bottom of the browser window. View the fixed player. Simply insert URLs to an MP3, RTMP, AAC or OGG stream or local file.


The audio player can be inserted within the text by using the shortcode [ audioplayer/ ]. There is the global config shortcode as [ audioplayer ] which will place the object above or above the text. This image shows the URL entries that output the above audio player. Multiple themes are included and changed with a click, and you can create your own themes and add to the selection.

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Poll Custom Field

Get your viewers opinions with simple polls that are inserted on-the-fly while posting an article. No need to traverse between components. The poll is created simply with a title and as many survey questions, separated by new lines. Each new poll creates a directory and 4 files. No poll data is stored in the database. To delete the poll files just requires emptying the field with the poll questions.


The poll is entered anywhere within the text by using the shortcode [ poll/ ] or the global config shortcode [ poll ]. This image shows the poll entry method. Multiple themes are included and changed with a click, and you can create your own themes and add to the selection.



PayPal Mini Cart

Add a PayPal cart to an article and quickly sell anything. It is a simple cart so it does not: store data, show related, calculate shipping etc, all that can be processed when the buyer gets to the PayPal page. Multiple themes are included and changed with a click, and you can create your own themes and add to the selection.

  • Blue Shoes

    The blue shoes can make you blue

  • Green Shoes

    The green shoes can make you green

  • Red Shoes

    The red shoes can make you feel red



The Method To Enter Items

Adding cart items are done simply while creating an article



Chat Room

Include a live chat room in an article for a special purpose. Generally this is used by websites with internet radio broadcast so the listeners can chat with the radio host and each other. See how it would be used in association with the radio streaming. The term local is entered in the custom text field to generate the chat files. If an external chat source like 'chatwing' or 'cbox' is prefered, just enter the URL supplied. The shortcode to insert the chat within the text area is [ chatroom/ ] and the default config is [ chatroom ]. Multiple themes are included and changed with a click, and you can create your own themes and add to the selection.



Google Map

Easily insert a map with directions to any place with a simple one line address. Place the map above or below the article body with the global shortcode [ googlemap ], or place within the article with the shortcode [ googlemap/ ].

136 collins ave miami fl

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Insert Social Network Links

This can be set globally or per category, and then overridden per article, in case each publisher wishes to include their own network pages. The icons are from FontAwesome library, and there is an option to enable it if needed. Joomla's IcoMoon icon set does not include social network logos and the SASS override is quite tedious to add. Set globally with [ sociallinks ] or per post with [ sociallinks/ ].



Insert Multiple Instances Of Facebook Feed

You may have multiple Facebook business or fan pages that are related and wish to display them on your posts. This option allows that without limit. Configure as desired in the global setting and set to display for all posts, or per category with [ facebookpage ], or per article post with [ facebookpage/ ]. Each of those shortcodes will use the setup in the global or a category's config. A master override is included which will allow insertion of different FB feeds with different attribute settings. Just insert into a post a shortcode as [ insert facebookpage=",300,600,true,timeline,events,messages" ]. Separate each attribute with a comma. Only the page URL is required, however the attributes must be in the order as shown, except for the last 3.




Insert Multiple Instances Of Twitter Feed

Add multiple instances of Twitter feed. The feed can be setup globally or per category, and automatically be added to every post above or below the text body. Or overridden per post and inserted within the text body with the shortcode [ twitterpage / ]. The global source can be overridden to choose any Twitter feed and config attributes desired, by inserting a master override shortcode within an article as: [ insert twitterpage=",dark,300,600" ]. Separate each attribute with a comma.





Easily Embed Facebook Posts

Use the insert shortcode to place any facebook post type on the page. This includes video, photo etc.

[ insert fbpost="" ]


Easily Embed Twitter Post

Use the insert shortcode [ insert twitterpost=",en,dark,400,hidden,none" ]




Installation And Configuration

Install the extension using the Joomla extension installer

  • The plugin will enable itself during installation so there is no need to manually enable.
  • A field group titled CMSE Fields will be created, and the associated custom fields will be created and assigned to that field group.
  • A fieldset labeled CMSE Cart will be created with the subform and repeatable fields function.
  • A configuration fieldset labeled CMSE Setup will be created in the global settings and the menu settings for article type.
  • An article template file called cmse.php will be added to your default front end template's HTML override directory. The custom fields will only function with this file. It can be set for global use or per category.

Global Configuration

Select the CMSE template in the global configuration, or per category with the menu item setting. The objects will not function without this template.

Menu Item Parameter Override

The global configuration can be overridden with a menu item assigned to a category or single article. Click the tab labeled CMSE Setup


PayPal Cart Configuration

The settings are basic and self explained. Setting can be overridden per article or the menu parameters.


Object Layout On Page

The [text] place holder is default because it represents the article text field. This gives the option to place objects above or below the text body. This can be overridden per article or in the menu parameters.


Custom CSS

This option allows for styling of any area of the website. It uses the core CodeMirror editor which can be configured in Extensions > Plugins > Editors > CodeMirror. It's recommended to disable Autofocus else the page will scroll to the bottom each time it is loaded. A tabular list of element classes associated with the plugin objects are included on the page.


The Complete Fields View

While posting an article, it's a simple step to insert the desired objects to enhance the article.


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