Global Events

Global Events

This category demonstrates the use of extra fields shortcodes, used as: [ field="4"] or [ field="4,5,6,7,8" label"]. The latter format displays the fields in a tabular format, with the field labels.

There is a method to dynamically update each item's create date and end publishing date to allow for ordering by event date in ascending order and to unpublish the item when the date passes. This dynamic function requires the use of Date extra field type.

The Stars Shine Bright

The Stars Shine Bright

Friday, 19 July 2019

Bright Summer Land

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Event Details

event dateFriday, 19 July 2019
venueBright Summer Land
address56 East Bay St Los Angeles ca
ticket price$80

about walter

Demonstration of the content blocking shortcode to restrict parts of page content to registered users only.

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he is in the shit now


the world is green

sometimes its like that


it can always be dat

PayPal Cart Shortcode

  • The Big Coop

    Some coops are just bigger and better

    Price: $500

facebook page shortcode

The page is being displayed in a custom module. Done with shortcode [ facebook page="" ]

twitter shortcode page

The page is being displayed in a custom module. Easily done with shortcode [ twitter page="" ]

Article Insert With Shortcode

Content from a Joomla article is displayed in a custom module. Easily done with shortcode [ article="78" 50|read this]

The Senate Intelligence committee investigating ...
read this

Countdown Shortcode

The flexible countdown shortcode used in a custom module.

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