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    Button Position

    Editor shortcode button position for TinyMCE



    Editor shortcode button position for JCE Editor


    JCE Editor is a popular third-party editor for Joomla and TinyMCE is the default editor for Joomla. Other third party editors may display the XTD buttons in different positions.

    Insert Containers

    Containers are HTML <div> elements represented as visual shortcodes in the text editor. The Preset Containers will output commonly used 2 column content elements with visible style classes which can be edited as desired. The width is percentage increment by 10% and must equate to 100% when combined.

    cmse shortcodes editor xtd insert preset container

    Shortcode output

    cmse shortcodes editor xtd insert preset container result

    Frontent output


    Custom Class

    Any class can be inserted, including BoostStrap classes.


    Select from installed classes or enter your own and press space bar, up or down arrow or tab key to insert.


    Insert CMSE Custom Field Object

    When the CMSE Fields are used in an article, each object can easily be inserted into the article with a shortcode representing the object. These object may already be set in the menu options for article layout, however each position can be overridden with the shortcode insert.



    Insert custom style coding in an element



    Contact Form

    Insert a general contact form with just an email address


    The shortcode method



    Frontend result


    Insert Joomla Custom Fields

    This method is similar to the Joomla packaged Field insert editor button. It just adds a parameter to output the fields in a tabular format if label is checked and output the shortcode as a single block


    Shortcode format



    Drag the inserted options to reorder

    Related Article Insert

    Insert Joomla article link, K2 item link or Mosets Tree listing link

    Unlike the Joomla package article link button, this will include the intro image and title.


    Inserted output



    Frontend output



    Insert full article in custom module or any other extension which supports text area content.

    This method will output an article in any extension. The default behavior is to display the entire article. There is a parameter to limit by characters and display a custom labeled readmore button. Great for placing aside articles with relativity within custom modules.

    cmse shortcodes insert fullarticle

    Frontend output


    Gallery Plug

    Insert Simple Image Gallery Pro

    This just provides an alternative method to insert SIGPro gallery with all the parameters.



    Inserted shortcode


    Slides, Tabs, Misc

    Insert Accordion Slides






    Frontend output

    Insert Tabs

    The default insertion is just a tab title. When a new tab group is being created, the option Yes must be checked.



    Code output



    Frontend output



    Block some content in text for members only

    Entire article or just parts of an article can easily be blocked to allow viewing by registered users only.



    Code output



    Frontend output


    Social Feed

    Insert Social Media Feeds, Iframe, Single Video

    This set all output as iframes so it is limited to super administrators only to avoid malware site inclusions.


    about walter

    Demonstration of the content blocking shortcode to restrict parts of page content to registered users only.

    Please login to view this blocked content


    he is in the shit now


    the world is green

    sometimes its like that


    it can always be dat

    PayPal Cart Shortcode

    • The Big Coop

      Some coops are just bigger and better

      Price: $500

    facebook page shortcode

    The page is being displayed in a custom module. Done with shortcode [ facebook page="" ]

    twitter shortcode page

    The page is being displayed in a custom module. Easily done with shortcode [ twitter page="" ]

    Article Insert With Shortcode

    Content from a Joomla article is displayed in a custom module. Easily done with shortcode [ article="78" 50|read this]

    The Senate Intelligence committee investigating ...
    read this

    Countdown Shortcode

    The flexible countdown shortcode used in a custom module.

    Mosets Tree

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