Hover Sound FX Gimmicks For Elements

Hover Sound FX Gimmicks For Elements

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This addon for CMSE Custom Fields is merely for aural gimmickry to add some entertainment for the users. A throwback to the days of Flash animated websites which had multiple sound effects for every button and action.

Simply add classes, IDs or elements to a list and when a viewer hover the element, the attached sound clip plays.


All the bold text in this post will play a sound when hovered.

The Facebook share button will play a sound when hovered.

The Twitter button will play a sound when hovered

The vote buttons will play a sound when hovered.

This image is mapped and the <area> tags around the heads of the cartoon characters have sounds attached. Hover to hear.



The use is quite simple. Place small (best at 50kb or less) .MP3 audio files in your file manager then load and attach the sound to element classes, Ids or element name. There is no limit to how many classes or Ids that can be assigned to a single sound. Just separate each with a comma.


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