Amtrak derailment: Three dead in train crash near Tacoma, Washington

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Planes seen flying upside down over Belgium

Washington State Police spokeswoman Brooke Bova said that roughly 100 people were transported to hospitals after the 7:33 a.m. PT crash that left several rail cars on the roadway and one dangling from the bridge. Five cars and a pair of trucks were involved in the highway pileup, but no motorists were killed, officials said. Rescue workers were still searching the wreckage for victims in the early afternoon.

Eifel Rallye Festival 2016 | crash, Group B, Group S & Pikes Peak cars

The National Transportation Safety Board said Monday afternoon that federal investigators were on their way to the site, about 20 miles south of Tacoma. It is not clear what caused the crash. But an Amtrak official said the train was not using a technology called positive train control, which can prevent derailments caused by excessive speed.

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