Using CMSE Custom Fields File Download Function

Using CMSE Custom Fields File Download Function

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With the CMSE Custom fields file download tool you can easily attach ant file type to an article and allow viewers to quickly download. The access can be set to any Joomla user group. If there is a restriction, a message will display indicating that the user must login to download.

The download element will display wherever the shortcode is placed in the layout setup of the category's menu item. The placement can be overridden with an alternative shortcode as [ download/] placed anywhere within the text editor. The function does NOT include a method to upload files because that was not the intent. The method simply searches a defined directory for files and you select the one you wish to attach.

The output

adsense marketing.pdf (23.10K)file hash value: e5db76c818aea849d155c0022cbfc5e2
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The method



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