A live chat room serves a website well when there needs to be communication among the viewers about the page content. In most cases, the chat function is used with internet radio broadcasts or any live web cast.

The function will allow use of an external chat service such as Cbox, Chatwing or any similar type which allows embedding. All you need is the URL.

The other method is to use the included chat system which is a simple chat that shows the user's name, message time and message. It can be open to public use or require registration for use. Simply enter the word local in the field.



Local simple chat room



about walter

Demonstration of the content blocking shortcode to restrict parts of page content to registered users only.

Please login to view this blocked content


he is in the shit now


the world is green

sometimes its like that


it can always be dat

PayPal Cart Shortcode

  • The Big Coop

    Some coops are just bigger and better

    Price: $500

facebook page shortcode

The page is being displayed in a custom module. Done with shortcode [ facebook page="https://www.facebook.com/websitedonshosting/" ]

twitter shortcode page

The page is being displayed in a custom module. Easily done with shortcode [ twitter page="https://twitter.com/websitedons" ]

Article Insert With Shortcode

Content from a Joomla article is displayed in a custom module. Easily done with shortcode [ article="78" 50|read this]

The Senate Intelligence committee investigating ...
read this

Countdown Shortcode

The flexible countdown shortcode used in a custom module.

Mosets Tree

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