Using CMSE Custom Fields Shortcodes For Tabs

The shortcode is easily inserted with the CMSE Shortcode editor button and can be used in any extension, including custom module. Any content type can be placed within the tabbed area. This helps to reduce clutter while delivering unlimited content in a single article. A custom module serves well to display tabbed content as aside to relative articles. Content plugins will be parsed.

Easy Use

Use the included editor shortcode insert button to place tabs or simply type the method

[ tabs]

  [ tab The Title]


  [ tab Other Title]


[ /tabs]

Add a parameter to the tabs wrapper to insert a style class from the library.

[ tabs|black]

  [ tab The Title]


  [ tab Other Title]


[ /tabs]

Display Content Plugin

Simple Image Gallery content plugin in use


Horizontal Content

This is the container element shortcode input in use.

camry racer

Tab in Tab

No Limit Tabbing

This is another tab group within a tab which presents all sorts of possibilities. Method:

  [ tabs]

  [ tab Title]

      [ tabs]

        [ tab Inner Tab Title]


      [ /tabs]

  [ /tabs]

Just Because We Can

There may be very few reasons to do this sub tabbed content, but it exists to explore possible benefits.

Slide Accordion In Tab

Making The Most Of The Tools

This method opens up all sorts of possibilities to maximize content



The color format is easily changed by adding a preset style class as a second parameter in the opening tabs wrapper

    [ tabs|yellow]

Will output <div class="yellow">

The argument will accept a string of multiple classes, and with a little trickery, additional attributes can be added.

Example: [ tabs|yellow bigfont" data-smooth="thisblock" itemScope="Slides]

Will output <div class="yellow bigfont" data-smooth="thisblock" itemScope="Slides"> The style classes must be added first.


These are the tools of the mobile salesman



This side tab format is achieved simply by adding a style class to the style argument in the opening tabs wrapper.

    [ tabs|sidetabs]


These are the tools of the mobile salesman

Wild Elephants

running wild

The author of the article is always the author of the article, and when the author of the article writes the article, he will be the author of the article. Aliquam erat volutpat. Pellentesque eu quam nec quam vestibulum sodales. Curabitur suscipit metus sed lacus rhoncus ut aliquam urna tincidunt. Aliquam pellentesque convallis purus sed vulputate. Fusce lobortis, enim sed lobortis convallis, sapien nisl accumsan nisi, sit amet lacinia massa dolor non nisl.

about walter

Demonstration of the content blocking shortcode to restrict parts of page content to registered users only.

Please login to view this blocked content


he is in the shit now


the world is green

sometimes its like that


it can always be dat

PayPal Cart Shortcode

  • The Big Coop

    Some coops are just bigger and better

    Price: $500

facebook page shortcode

The page is being displayed in a custom module. Done with shortcode [ facebook page="" ]

twitter shortcode page

The page is being displayed in a custom module. Easily done with shortcode [ twitter page="" ]

Article Insert With Shortcode

Content from a Joomla article is displayed in a custom module. Easily done with shortcode [ article="78" 50|read this]

The Senate Intelligence committee investigating ...
read this

Countdown Shortcode

The flexible countdown shortcode used in a custom module.

Mosets Tree

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