Using CMSE Fields Slide Show function

Using CMSE Fields Slide Show function

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The CMSE Fields includes a function to insert a slide show within and article, and it's near limitless. Place images, videos or even articles from other categories. This will boost viewer retention as they relate to the images with detailed text. This is not a photo gallery and should be used as such since the images must be loaded entirely and the whole bandwith issue steps in. It's purpose is to excite user click through.

Each slide item can be linked to a destination and that will increase ad revenue. Insert other Joomla article by using a shortcode with the article ID. The is true for inserting K2 items (though it is redundant to use both K2 and Joomla content), but the shortcode capability is there if you do use both.

This is the hottest rod that Mike brought to the event. It was so rod that even the rodders had to gather around to rod it. It went on the make the big rod event.
The bat rod
The OutBack is the place to find this bad beast rod that tames the bad lands
Miss Molly's Toy
When the rat rods come out to party, all the clean rods run away
Neville's sweet ride
This rod by Jesse James is a target for the gals at the car shows
Bully Rod
This smooth ride is owned by Karen Klinser and she treats it like her child
The Blue Bonnet

Perry Watkins​ in the Oklahoma Willy Jet Bus putting on a demo run at Big Bang 2017​ - He has fitted his 1958 VW type 2 Transporter pick up with a Rolls Royce Viper 535 Jet Engine and it still runs a 1955cc VW engine to get it back to the pits !! Running the 1/4 mile in 13.47 @ 119mph.

Fast Willy's

The method parameters



The method parameters



Mosets Tree


The great walter was never the type to grow wood.

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he is in the shit now

the world is green

sometimes its like that


it can always be dat

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The Senate Intelligence committee investigating ...
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